Sunday, July 21, 2013

Events: “Challenges and Solutions to Plastic Recycling in Hong Kong” organized by FoE (HK) on 25 Jul 2013

Friends of the Earth (HK) 香港地球之友 - Hong Kong, Hong Kong

地點:Friends of the Earth (HK) Office


6:30 pm    背景簡介
6:45 pm    塑膠回收所面對的挑戰 (講者:楠豐國際有限公司林贇睿小姐)
7:30 pm    討論/問答環節
8:00 pm    討論會結束





*有關討論會及講者的詳細資料,請參閱電郵下半部份 (只有英文)

Come and hear Ms Stephanie Lam share her personal thoughts on the topic of “Challenges and Solutions to Plastic Recycling in Hong Kong”. 

One of the most controversial topics in Hong Kong today is WASTE DISPOSAL.  Spending $HK35m on a study by people that have not found a solution in the past 20 years is not a solution.  Throwing money at a problem does not achieve anything other than creating another report, which will join the dusty archives of previous reports.  This problem cannot be resolved by people with limited experience in this industry.  Do you know how other major countries deal with the problem of waste disposal and in particular the scrap plastic waste disposal?  A major part of the solution is recycling, via technology, marketing, logistics, management and common sense.  Can it be done?,  100% Yes!  Can we come up with a solution for HK? 

Stephanie Lam, BBA, HKU (Accounting & Finance) is the Managing Director of the global broking trading house for plastic recyclables, UNM International Ltd.  To ensure success Stephanie inspects all suppliers and customer operations personally, prior to entering into business transactions and has inspected more than 100 of these operations around the world.  It often includes walking among piles of smelly plastic scrap, but knowing that the product can be recycled and made into a renewable product and not discarded into landfill or incinerated to add more carbon into the atmosphere, Stephanie finds it rewarding and fulfilling.  She has thus dedicated her business career to achieve waste reduction..

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