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New Books: Environmental Ethics and Sustainability A Casebook for Environmental Professionals By Hal Taback, Ram Ramanan (29 Jul 2013)

Environmental Ethics and Sustainability

A Casebook for Environmental Professionals

By Hal TabackRam Ramanan

CRC Press – 2013 – 268 pages
Environmental Ethics and Sustainability: A Casebook for Environmental Professionalsintroduces a decision-making model constructed from the viewpoint that ethics are not about the way things are, but about the way things should be.
e first part of the book covers natural human instincts, human attitude, treatment of other species and the natural world, and fundamental concepts in environmental decision making in the public policy arena. It also provides insight and specifics on how to develop an ethics culture in an organization as well as conduct an environmental ethics education program that trains leaders, professionals, and students.
The second part of the book identifies and deals with numerous dilemmas in a case-study format, offers options, tests ethical values, and offers practice to the environmental professionals in making the right choice and evaluating the justification for those decisions.
The authors of this book explore the notion that doing the right thing is not a natural human instinct, and that the techniques needed for resolving an ethical dilemma require training. The book defines ethics as "the difference between what a person has the right to do and the right thing to do!" It details a framework for understanding and resolving various ethical claims and concentrates on providing hands-on practical training for environmental practitioners and students aspiring to become environmental leaders and professionals.
Section I Environmental Ethics—Genesis and ChallengesNatural Instincts and Learned Behavior
Environmental Ethics and Public Policy
Environmental Ethics and Corporate Governance
Environmental Ethics Training for Leaders and Professionals
Section II Environmental Ethical Dilemmas—Case Studies
Environmental Dilemmas—On-the-Job Conflict Situations
Environmental Dilemmas—Judgment/Decision Situations

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