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Vietnamese Updates: Regulation on retrieval and processing of waste products (16 Aug 2013)

Regulation on retrieval and processing of waste products
Thứ sáu, ngày 16 tháng 08 năm 2013 cập nhật lúc 05:11

From September 25th, the manufacturing and importing businesses will have been responsible for setting up the sites tocollect waste productsreceiving waste products sold by themselves to Vietnam marketIt is defined in Decision No.50/2013/QD-TTg on retrieval and processing of waste products, which officially takes effect and has been approved byPrime Minister.

In addition, businesses must deal with consumers on how to transfer and receive the waste productsannounce to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment about retrieval sites and processing facilities of waste products. The above information must be publicized on the information portal of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the manufacturing or importing businesses. Manufacturing, importing businesses, consumersretrieval and processing facilities of waste products receive preferential and supporting policies and in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.

According to this decision, the portfolio of waste products consist of various types of batteries, accumulators, compact electric bulbs,fluorescent electric bulbs, computers, printers, fax machinesscannerscamerasvideo camerasmobile phones, tablets, DVDs, VCDs,CDs, dangerous industrial chemicals, etc. will be retrieved and processed from January 1st 2015.

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