Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Books: The Energy of Nations Risk Blindness and the Road to Renaissance By Jeremy Leggett (23 Sep 2013)

The Energy of Nations

Risk Blindness and the Road to Renaissance

By Jeremy Leggett

Routledge – 2014 – 272 pages

Systemic global risks of oil supply, climate shock and financial collapse threaten tomorrow's economies and mean businesses and policy makers face huge challenges in fuelling tomorrow’s world.
Jeremy Leggett gives a personal testimony of the dangers often ignored and incompletely understood - a journey through the human mind, the institutionalization of denial, and the reasons civilizations fail. It is also an account of tantalizing hope, because mobilizing renewables and redeploying energy funding can soften the crash of modern capitalism and set us on a road to renaissance.

About the author Publisher’s note about the author’s credentials and motivations Acknowledgements Note on sources and style Prologue 
  1. Lies, scaremongering, and affordable oil 
  2. Under the volcano 
  3. Doomed to failure 
  4. Not our responsibility 
  5. The risk of contingency 
  6. The small print 
  7. When the dancing stops 
  8. This House Believes 
  9. They will blame us forever 
  10. As bad as the credit crunch 
  11. You are the flip side of austerity 
  12. Houston, it’s just possible we have a problem 
  13. The anti Oil Shock Response Plan plan 
  14. A bollocks subject 
  15. To the point of being suicidal 
  16. A new era of fossil fuels
  17. More unhinged by the week 
18. What next: the anatomy of the biggest crash
19. The power of context: energy and security
20. The choice of roads: people and systems Notes and references

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