Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Books: Four Degrees of Global Warming Australia in a Hot World Edited by Peter Christoff (23 Sep 2013)

Four Degrees of Global Warming

Australia in a Hot World

Edited by Peter Christoff

Routledge – 2014 – 270 pages

At Copenhagen in December 2009, the international community agreed to limit global warming to below two degrees Celsius to avoid the worst impacts of human-induced climate change. However climate scientists agree that current national emissions targets collectively will still not achieve this goal. Instead, the ‘ambition gap’ between climate science and climate policy is likely to lead to average global warming of around four degrees Celsius by or before 2100. If a ‘Four Degree World’ is the de facto goal of policy, we urgently need to understand what this world might look like.
Four Degrees of Global Warming: Australia in a Hot World outlines the expected consequences of this world for Australia and its region. Its contributors include many of Australia’s most eminent and internationally recognized climate scientists, climate policy makers and policy analysts. They provide an accessible, detailed, dramatic, and disturbing examination of the likely impacts of a Four Degree World on Australia’s social, economic and ecological systems.
The book offers policy makers, politicians, students, and anyone interested climate change, access to the most recent research on potential Australian impacts of global warming, and possible responses.

1. Introduction Peter Christoff
Part 1: Climate Science and Four Degrees
2. Australia's Climate at Four Degrees Penny Whetton, David Karoly, Ian Watterson, Leanne Webb, Frank Drost, Dewi Kirono and Kathleen McInnes
3. Extreme Events Karl Braganza, Kevin Hennessy, Lisa Alexander and Blair Trewin 
Part 2: Ecological Impacts
4. Terrestrial Species and Ecosystems Lesley Hughes
5. Marine Species and Ecosystems Ove Hoegh Guldberg
6. Agricultural Systems Mark Howden and Serena Henry
7. Compounding Problems Will Steffen and David Griggs 
Part 3: Social and Economic Impacts
8. Compounding Social and Economic Impacts Ross Garnaut
9. Human Health Tony McMichael
10. Cities Jan McDonald11. Regional Security Peter Christoff and Robyn Eckersley 
Part 4: Adaptation
12. Regional Adaptation Challenges Andrew Hewett 13. Adaptation - Can We? Jon Barnett and Jean Palutikof14. Conclusion Peter Christoff

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