Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Books: Introduction to Hazard Control Management A Vital Organizational Function By James T. Tweedy (25 Sep 2013)

Introduction to Hazard Control Management

A Vital Organizational Function

By James T. Tweedy

CRC Press – 2013 – 288 pages

The International Board for the Certification of Safety Managers (IBFCSM) has designated this text as the Primary Study Reference for those preparing to sit for the Certified Hazard Control Manager (CHCM) and the Certified Hazard Control Manager-Security (CHCM-SEC) Examinations. Introduction to Hazard Control Management: A Vital Organizational Function explains how proven management and leadership principles can improve hazard control and safety management effectiveness in organizations of all types and sizes.
This introductory text addresses hazard control and safety management as organizational functions, instead of just programs. It not only supplies a broad overview of essential concepts—including identifying, analyzing, and controlling hazards—but also promotes the importance of safe behaviors. Written by the Executive Director of IBFCSM, the book covers a broad array of hazards that can exist in most organizations. It focuses on the need to use good leadership, effective communication, and proven management techniques to prevent organizational losses.
  • Addresses the inter-relationships of various organizational functions that support hazard control, accident prevention, and safety
  • Includes an overview of emergency management, hazardous materials, and fire safety management
  • Reviews occupational health, radiation safety, and emerging hazards such as nanotechnology and robotic safety
Emphasizing the importance of effective communication skills in hazard control efforts, this book promotes an understanding of system safety methodologies and organizational culture to help you control hazards, prevent accidents, and reduce other losses in your organization. It expands on the foundational principles contained in the pamphlet: The Management Approach to Hazard Control. This book is an ideal reference for anyone wanting to learn more about managing hazards, encouraging safe behaviors, and leading hazard control efforts.

Contents (selected):
Hazard Control Concepts and Principles
Leadership and Management
Understanding Accidents
Hazard Control—Related Disciplines
Government, Consensus, and Voluntary Organizations
Managing Hazardous Materials
Fire Safety and Emergency Management

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