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Vietnam News: Development of agricultural co-operatives associated with environmental protection (13 Nov 2013)

Development of agricultural co-operatives associated with environmental protection Thứ ba, ngày 12 tháng 11 năm 2013 cập nhật lúc 15:48
On November 8th in Hai Phong city, Vietnam Cooperative Alliance and Natural Resources and Environment Newspaper ( MONRE )  in collaboration with the Institute for Cooperation and Economic Development Cooperation held the Seminar : " Assessment of pollution and impacts on the environment. Agricultural cooperative models associated with environmental protection. "
The seminar were chaired by Mr. Nguyen Huu Nga , Deputy Director of Institute for Development and Economic Cooperation ( IDEC) , Mr.Nguyen Van Thanh , Chief Editor of Natural Resources and Environment Newspaper  and representatives from the cooperative alliances of Thai Binh , Hai Phong , Hai Duong , Nam Dinh and Vinh Phuc provinces.
At the seminar reports on the results of investigation on assessment of environmental impact of agricultural cooperatives and the environmentally friendly and sustainable production orientation was presented. Accordingly, this task will be implemented by IDEC in three years (2013 - 2015) with three fundamental elements, which focus on the investigation and assessment of pollution and environmental impact of cooperatives in the North and initial deployment of sustainable and environmental friendly agricultural cooperative models. The report involved 600 surveyed Cooperatives. According to the report, waste generated from production activities of cooperatives are divided into three basic types, of which solid waste accounts for 39.8 % , liquid 30 , 6 %  and gas 29.6 %  respectively. Although having been aware of the waste discharged from production activities, surveyed cooperatives still overlooked the environmental impacts of these tailings. Many cooperatives have said that waste from production activities do not cause pollution in the production process. According to statistics, up to 21.2 % of the co-operatives discharge waste directly into the environment .
Overview of the seminar.
As the eco-friendly cooperative model has been implemented, the majority (58.4 %)  of cooperatives’ members have chosen to use organic fertilizer in production. While clean livestock production models has drawn great attention of a number of cooperatives, the reuse of waste has not been emphasized. 37.1 % of surveyed co-operatives said they did not receive specific instruction and requirements of the authorities on the treatment of environmental pollution .
Within the framework of the seminar, participants contributed presentations on the status and solutions to environmental sustainable agriculture in the Thai Binh city, the processing of straw after harvest at Trong Quang-Dong Hung agricultural cooperative and experience on environmental protection in the production activities of Viet Tien, Doan Tien, Vinh Bao cooperatives, Hai phong city.
Concluding the seminar, Mr. Hoang Van Thanh- Chief Editor of Natural Resources and Environment Newspaper said that the seminar has been contributed with many enthusiastic and practical comments by representatives from the local realities, which would supplement initiatives for MONRE to find effective solutions to protect the environment in rural areas and craft villages. Mr.Thanh expressed his hope that more feasible models and experience will be replicated in many places throughout the country through the typical examples and experiences of Cooperatives. These models will help agricultural cooperatives to act as an humane economic organization and confirm the necessity and effectiveness of this type of cooperative.
Nguyen Cuong
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