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Vietnam News: Unique use of stone to protect the environment (11 Nov 2013)

Unique use of stone to protect the environment Chủ nhật, ngày 10 tháng 11 năm 2013 cập nhật lúc 20:02
Not only famous for forging, Phia Chang and Do Vo villages  (Phuc Sen Commune, Quang Uyen district, Cao Bang province) are also renowned for their beautiful alleys with stone fences, items and especially for every tree, which is protected by a stone fence.
  Not only are fields, gardens, houses are protected by high natural stone fences from 40 cm to several meters, both also rows of grazing trees are surrounded by stone to avoid vandalism of cattle and horses...
One special feature of rows of stones is that they are stacked skillfully without any adhesive. According to Ms. Hoang Thi Uyen (76 years old), the habit of using stones as household items and fences of residents in the villages dated from an unknown period of time in the past and had already existed before she moved in as a newly bride.
People of Nung An ethnic group protect grazing trees by placing layers of stone around each of them to prevent the damage caused by cattle and horses. The stone circles under the shade of trees are where the villagers rest their back after each session of grazing.

A beautiful road to Phia Chang with two skillfully arranged rows of stone to protect crops from cattle.
A special feature: the stones are stacked without any adhesive, but not easy to fall.
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