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Vietnam News: Workshop “Sharing experience and technology to handle POPs/dioxin pollution in Vietnam” (5 Dec 2013)

Workshop “Sharing experience and technology to handle POPs/dioxin pollution in Vietnam” 

Thứ ba, ngày 03 tháng 12 năm 2013 cập nhật lúc 17:59

In two days of 2 and 3 December, in Da Nang City, the Office of the National Steering Committee on overcoming consequences of Agent Orange/dioxin in Vietnam (Office 33) in the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment in coordination with the relevant agencies organized a workshop to share experiences and international technology on assessment and solving POPS/dioxin in Vietnam.

The event is part of a five million USD joint project by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched in July 2010 to support Vietnam in minimizing the disruption of ecosystems and health risks to people from environmental releases of dioxin-contaminated hotspots.
At the conference, scientists and experts in the country shared experiences on research, evaluation, detoxification in Vietnam for over the past 40 years. The workshop discussed three specific issues: Introduction to the methods to assess dioxin and other pollutants and update the development of technology to treat POPs/dioxin and comparison in terms of the international legal framework for the control and monitoring of dioxin.

According to Ass. Prof. Dr. Le Ke Son, head of a national project on handling dioxin under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam is one of the countries that face serious challenges posed by dioxin. Dioxin treatment projects in the hot spots in Vietnam have made important contributions in terms of theory and practice. The projects have handled dioxin contamination in Phu Cat airport and Bien Hoa airport.

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