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Publication:Making Sustainable Consumption And Production The Core Of The Sustainable Development Goals (Jan 2014)

Making Sustainable Consumption and Production the Core of the Sustainable Development Goals

Making Sustainable Consumption And Production The Core Of The Sustainable Development Goals

Author: AKENJI Lewis and BENGTSSON Magnus
Discussion Paper / Working Paper | 2014/01 | Language: English
Copyright: IGES

This paper argues that SCP should be reflected in the formulation and implementation of the SDGs. Drawing from international agreements, practical policy experience, and research from a range of disciplines it also discusses the issue of how SCP can be included in the SDGs framework. Special attention is given to how SCP in the SDGs can create synergies with other international policy initiatives.

The paper highlights two possible options: i) SCP as a stand-alone goal, and ii) SCP as a cross-cutting objective embedded within relevant goals. While the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive, given the competing number of issues for prioritization and the fact that there is also a 10-Year Framework of Programmes on SCP, it is hardly foreseeable that both options can be reflected. Thus the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two options are analysed and discussed, and some recommendations are provided towards the formulation of indicators supporting SCP objectives in the SDGs.

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Area:Sustainable Consumption and ProductionIntegrated Policies for Sustainable Societies
Task:SCP Policy Process, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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