Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hong Kong News: Electronics recycling drive a success (4 Feb 2014)

Electronics recycling drive a success

February 04, 2014
Waste not want not
Waste not want not:  Used electrical and electronic equipment is collected for recycling in an Environmental Protection Department programme.

The Environmental Protection Department has collected more than 5,800 used computers and electrical appliances from 400 housing estates in a year-end recovery campaign.

Promoting the "Use Less, Waste Less” message, the items will be repaired and donated to those in need through the Caritas-HK Computer Workshop, St James' Settlement, and the WEEE Recycling Association.

A special Lunar New Year collection programme encouraged people to properly dispose of items like computers, rechargeable batteries, and fluorescent lamps and tubes.

Items that cannot be fully refurbished will be dismantled so their reusable components and materials can be recovered.

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