Tuesday, November 15, 2011

South South Forum on Sustainability on Dec 12-14

Date: 12-14 December 2011
Venue: Lingnan University, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

(1)   Institute of Advanced Studies on Sustainability, Renmin University of China
(2)   Kwan Fong Cultural Research and Development Programme, Lingnan University
(3)   Master of Cultural Studies Programme, Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University
(4)   UNDP (China)

Supporting organizations:
(1) Center for Film and Cultural Studies, Peking University
(2) Institute of Advanced Studies for Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University

 Dec 12-14 Program

Reception and Registration
Theme 1: Sustainability and Alternative Global Order
Plenary sessions
Sustainable Experiences in China and the Global South
Parallel Sessions
Session 1A: Social Security and Inclusive Development
Theme 1A1: Livelihood Security and Good Governance
Theme 1A2: Re-building Rural Community Rationality for Rural Sustainability
Session 1B: State Policy and Solidarity Economy
Theme 1B1: Critical Evaluation of State Regulation of the Economy
Theme 1B2: Solidarity Economy and Grassroots Social Resources Integration
Session 1C: Rural Regeneration and Rural-Urban Interaction
Theme 1C1: Cultural Regeneration and Peasant Organization
Theme 1C2: Ecologically Sustainable Civilization and Rural-Urban Interaction
2011.12.13 (Tuesday)
Theme 2: Ecologically Sustainable Civilization and Human Security
Plenary Sessions
Session 2A: Shift in Geopolitics: Reshaping Global South Security
Session 2B: Ecological Cataclysm and Threat to Human Security by Capital’s Appropriation of Modern Technology
Session 2C: Intellectuals and the Tradition of Popular Revolt
Parallel Sessions
Theme 3: People’s Livelihood Security and Knowledge Production for Sustainability
Plenary Sessions
Session 3A: Class, Gender and Social Ecology
Session 3B: Reshaping Cultural Diversity in the Global South
Session 3C: Rural Reconstruction Movements in Asia
Parallel Sessions
2011.12.14 (Wednesday)

 Theme 4: Sovereignty, Sustainablity, Solidarity
Debate on the trajectory of development of the South
Working groups on Meeting Challenges and Promoting Alternatives for Sustainability and Solidarity (groups to be recommended by Group of Moderators and Rapporteurs)
Reporting of recommendations from working groups, and discussion of a Consensus Statement on Promoting Sustainability
Looking Ahead
Closing Ceremony

Public Forums on Sustainability

Time: 19.00—21.30
Venue: MBG06, Lingnan University, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

2011.12.12 (Monday)
Public Forum 1: Global Financial Crisis and Responses from the South

Moderators:    Prof. Wen Tiejun (Renmin University of China)
Dr. Hui Po-Keung (Lingnan University)

Speakers: (15 minutes each in the first round)
(1) Dr. Pedro Paez (Southern Bank, Ecuador)

(2) Prof. Remy Herrera (University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France)
(3) Prof. Patrick Bond (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)
(4)Mr. Xu Yisheng (Research Institute of China Business News, China)

Questions and Discussion (90 minutes)

2011.12.13 (Tuesday)
Public Forum 2: Alternative Social Initiatives in the Global South

Moderators:    Prof. Dai Jinhua (Peking University)
                        Prof. John Erni (Lingnan University)

Speakers (15 minutes each in the first round)
(1) Dr. Aleida Guevara (William Soler Children’s Hospital, Cuba)
(2) Mr. Roberto Baggio (Latin American School for Agroecology, Brazil)
(3) Dr. Olaseinde Arigbede (Union of Small and Medium Scale Farmers in Nigeria)
(4) Prof. Muto Ichiyo (People’s Plan Studies Group, Japan)

Questions and Discussion (90 minutes)

2011.12.14 (Wednesday)
Public Forum 3:  Questioning ‘Sustainability’

Moderators:    Dr. Vinod Raina (BGVS, India)
                        Dr. Li Siu-Leung (Lingnan University)

Speakers (15 minutes each in the first round)
(1) Prof. Wen Tiejun (Renmin University of China)
(2) Prof. Sam Moyo (African Institute for Agrarian Studies, Zimbabwe)
(3) Mr. Jorge Santiago (Movement of Civil Society, Chiapas, Mexico)
(4) Prof. Ariel Salleh (University of Sydney, Australia)

Questions and Discussion (90 minutes)

Participation in the South South Forum on Sustainability is by invitation, or pre-registration. Interested persons please fill in the registration form and email to ssforumhk@gmail.com. You will be notified if your
registration is accepted or rejected.

The Public Forums in the evenings are open to the public, free entry.

Registration Form: Download

For more information: http://www.southsouthforum.org/

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