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New Books: Frontiers of Environmental Input-Output Analysis By Shigemi Kagawa (30 Aug 2013)

Frontiers of Environmental Input-Output Analysis

By Shigemi Kagawa

Routledge – 2013
Input-Output Analysis (IOA) is widely used in the field of ecological economics, industrial ecology, and environmental sciences. Industrial Ecology (IE) and Ecological Economics (EE) are promising and growing fields. IOA plays a crucial role in analyzing the related environmental and resource issues and providing quantitative information to many research questions and policy implications. The major aim of this book is to provide not only a comprehensive overview of environmental IOA from 1930s to the present but also the frontiers of environmental IOA including energy structural decomposition analysis, spatial energy structural decomposition analysis, multi-regional waste make-use analysis, augmented waste input-output analysis, dynamic structural decomposition analysis with product lifetime distributions, and endogenous input-output analysis with product lifetime distributions to professionals, practitioners, and students.
This book presents a novel dynamic structural decomposition analysis to evaluate the effects of the product lifetime shifts and structural changes such as technological changes and final demand shifts on the life cycle energy consumptions. It also contributes to modelling a simple social accounting method with cumulative product lifetime distributions and argues how product lifetime extension affects energy consumptions and income flow throughout the entire economic system.
The book demonstrates the author’s expertise in IOA and is an essential read for students and scholars in the field.

  1. Introduction 
  2. A Structural Decomposition of Energy Consumption Based on a Hybrid Rectangular Input-Output Framework
  3. A Spatial Structural Decomposition Analysis of the Chinese and Japanese Energy Demand 
  4. An Empirical Analysis of Industrial Waste Embodied in the 1995 Japanese Economy 
  5. A Simple Multi-Regional Input-Output Account for Waste Analysis 
  6. Measuring Spatial Repercussion Effects 
  7. Inter-Industry Analysis, Consumption Structure, and the Household Waste Production Structure 
  8. The Economic and Environmental Consequences of Automobile Lifetime Extension and Fuel Economy Improvement 
  9. Does Product Lifetime Extension Increase Our Income at the Expense of Energy Consumption?

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