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New Books: Wolf and Stanley on Environmental Law 6th Edition By Susan Wolf, Neil Stanley (19 Sep 2013)

Wolf and Stanley on Environmental Law

6th Edition

By Susan WolfNeil Stanley

Routledge – 2014 – 664 pages
Written with real clarity by authors teaching and researching in the field, Wolf and Stanley on Environmental Law offers an excellent starting point for both law and non-law students encountering this diverse and controversial subject for the first time. Topics covered include administration and enforcement, waste management, EU environmental law, pollution control, environmental permitting, contaminated land, environmental torts and private regulation.
The book is supported by a range of learning features designed to help students:
  • Consolidate your learning: Chapter learning objectives and detailed summaries clarify and highlight key points
  • Understand how the law works in practice: ‘Law in Action’ features demonstrate the application of pollution control law
  • Plan your research: Detailed end of chapter further reading sections outline articles, books and online resources that provide next steps for your research
This sixth edition has been updated and revised to take into account recent developments in the subject, including coverage of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010; developments in the Environment Agency enforcement and sanctions policy documents; and updates relating to the defence of statutory authority in the tort of private nuisance.
Suitable for students of environmental law and the wider environmental studies, Wolf and Stanley on Environmental Law is a valuable guide to this wide-ranging subject.
Susan Wolf is Principal Lecturer in Law at the University of Northumbria.
Neil Stanley is Lecturer in Law at the University of Leeds.

  1. Elements of Environmental Law 
  2. The Administration and Enforcement of Environmental Law 
  3. European Community Environmental Law and Policy 
  4. Water Pollution 
  5. Waste Management 
  6. Environmental Permitting 
  7. Contaminated Land 
  8. Air Pollution 
  9. Statutory Nuisance 
  10. Noise Pollution 
  11. Environmental Torts 
  12. The Private Regulation of Environmental Pollution

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