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WWF: Marine Conservation Leadership Training Programme (Deadline for application: 30 Sep 2013)

Marine Conservation Leadership Training Programme

Posted 30 August 2013  

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1. Programme Objectives

Marine Conservation Leadership Training Programme is a volunteer programme aims to train up local University students to become Marine Conservation Leaders. Through various marine and footprint related training workshops, voluntary services on different conservation and education works in WWF-Hong Kong, it is expected the trained leaders’ marine conservation knowledge and different interpersonal skills will be enhanced.

  • To build up the participants’ awareness and knowledge on marine environmental issues through workshops, hands-on experience and site visits;
  • To facilitate their attitude change towards a green and sustainable lifestyle and
  • To empower them as change agents and multipliers to spread the messages about marine conservation and sustainable lifestyle to a wider public.
2. Programme Content

2.1 Training Workshops
6 workshops will be provided to let participants have an in-depth understanding of general and marine environmental issues such as the concept of ecological footprint and sustainable seafood. Participants are expected to attend ALL workshops.

2.2 Voluntary Work
To enable participants to have a better understanding on WWF’s conservation and education works and to become a trained marine conservation leader, all participants are expected to contribute at least 50 service hours (outside training time) on various types of voluntary work for WWF-Hong Kong. 

2.3 Group Project
In order to apply the knowledge gained in the workshops, participants are required, in group of 6 to 7 people, to develop group projects to disseminate the marine conservation message to the wider community. 

2.4 Advanced Training
At the end of this programme, the 4 most outstanding participants will be selected by interview, and they would be able to attend an advanced training -- Open water scuba diving course, which would be conducted by a certified and experienced dive instructor.

2.5 Language
All training workshops will be conducted in Cantonese.

2.6 Acknowledgement
Participants who meet the following criteria will be rewarded a certificate of appreciation:
  1. Workshop attendance rate: 80% or above
  2. Contribute at least 50 hours of voluntary services, and
  3. Complete a group project to disseminate marine conservation messages.

3. Application Details 

3.1 Application
  • Return the completed and signed application form to WWF-Hong Kong by email to
  • Application deadline: 30 September, 2013 (Monday)
3.2 Interview and Results Announcement
  • Suitable applicants will be informed to attend an interview in early October.
  • Successful interviewees will be notified by email in mid-October.
3.3 Deposit
  • Selected applicants need to submit $800 deposit. It will be refunded upon completion of 80% training workshops, group project and 50 service hours.
4. Enquiries
Please contact WWF staff Mr. Chung for any enquires.
Tel. No.: 2526-1011 (> 2 > 2 > 4 > 2)

For more information: 

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