Monday, November 11, 2013

Hong Kong News: Hong Kong's deepest sewage tunnel built (08 Nov 2013)

Clean-up action:  Secretary for the Environment KS Wong speaks at the breakthrough ceremony.

HK's deepest sewage tunnel built

November 08, 2013
The breakthrough of the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2A sewage tunnel's North Point to Wan Chai section marks the near completion of Hong Kong's deepest tunnel.

Officiating at the breakthrough ceremony today, Secretary for the Environment KS Wong said the project demonstrates the Government's commitment to upgrading Victoria Harbour’s water quality

The Harbour Area Treatment Scheme began in 1994 to improve the harbour’s water quality by collecting and treating sewage generated from both sides of the harbour.

At a total cost of over $20 billion, it is the largest sewerage infrastructure project in Hong Kong.

Stage 2A works began in July 2009, and include a 21-km sewage tunnel at depths from around 70 metres down to 160m below sea level – deeper than a 50-storey building.

Breakthrough of the 3.2km section between North Point and Wan Chai was completed on October 26.

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